Harmony Gelish - "Garden Teal Party"

Even if you can get up to 3 weeks of wear in a gel manicure I usually change mine every 5-7 days purely 'cz I'm bored & in need of a new color :) Today I have for you Gelish's "Garden Teal Party". It's a gorgeous teal blue that covers well in only two coats. For this particular color I had trouble with the clean up as I usually do with blues, greens & purples 'cz they like to stain the skin. The flaws don't seem as noticeable in person but unfortunately the camera catches everything! :( Anyhow, I love this color in spite of the messy clean up.

With flash:

Without flash:


BRAND: Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish
NAME: Garden Teal Party
COLLECTION: Love In Bloom Collection - Spring 2013
DESCRIPTION: teal blue creme
LINK: www.nailharmony.com

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